A member of our new peacock family !

Here is one of our three new born pea-chicks. They are 4 days old, they were born on the 19th December 2016. They are my best Christmas present. Since the peacock mother would not raise them I had to find a chicken to do it.

I think that having this beautiful birds around will make the environment around the house even nicer. They fly when they are just 2 weeks. They live from 15 to 25 years. They are fully developed at 4, even though can reproduce already at 3.

One of our peachicks with his chicken mother

On the 2nd night after their birth one of them disappeared at night. I looked for him for several hours. Having read that they needed 38 degrees Celsius (100 Fahrenheit) I was worried that he could not make it through the night at 22 degrees (72 Fahrenheit). I was also worried that a raccoon had eaten him. Anyways after several hours of search, helped by my wife, I went to “sleep”. Next day after a very bad night and waking up with a headache I looked for him more and thought he was dead somewhere.

A few hours later my neighbor called me. I went to look and saw that he had something in his hands, it was the Pea-chick ! We looked for the mother chicken who was raising him and left him with her and his two other brothers. He was too weak to follow them and was left behind. I had to take the mother and leave them all together in a box, with special care, until he recovered. After a few warm hours, with the heat of the mother and food and water they were all ready to leave the cage and walk freely. It was a success he is still alive !

Merry Christmas to all !