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    This is information about how to stucco a dome/vault made of fired or unfired bricks or any porous material.

    You can make basically any stucco with mud with ot without additives such as lime and even cement (but might not even be necessary).

    Then you can  make the earth hydrophobic by wetting  it with acrylic resin, or with casein or with vegetable soap water or even with animal fat. All that will make all water drops that fall over it slide  like little children sliding over the roof 🙂

    I tested that on my earth bricks and any water over them just slides away.

    So keep this in mind:

    1) casein 
    2) animal fat 
    3) vegetable soap 
    4) Linseed oil

    Makes earth hydrophobic by surrounding its clay particles. The firsts 3 are easy to make on your kitchen. Watch any youtube video to learn.

    I made all of them very fast, so fast that I have not even had time to use them besides for testing.

    Just mix any of those in the water when you make bricks or over surfaces and you will see how hydrophobic they get. 

    AND the nice thing is that they do not lose breathability so the stucco still breathes avoiding mould problems.

    So I think it is perfectly possible to do a succo for example like this :
    lime (10%) and earth (90%) made with soap water, and then rub it with a soap over it and press it hard with the steel trowel, that will make if very compact and close the pores pretty much, you will get a nice cloudy patters due the the reaction of lime and soap and will probably work fine for rain, you will not be able to use it as the ground of a swimming pool but that is no problem.

    Anyways Tadelakt is also great and quite fast to do (just 1cm of lime rubbed with soap water) so you can add that on top of your rammed earth/lime stucco mix, and Tadelakt is used in bathrooms and even swimming pools so it should not be a problem, I have to try that too.

    Man I have a friend who stuccoed a 40 square meters hotel wall wall with lime (1cm ) pressing very strongly with a metal trowel and waxed it with common floor wax. It is incredibly beautiful !!! So we even have that option too.



    Please share your experience if possible.



    This is how a Tadelakt stuccoed dome would look: Dome with Tadelakt cover

    The picture was taken from this very good article explains how to do it:

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